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New Mini Series – Christmas Gift Wrapping

21 Nov

The countdown to Christmas has begun and The Sweet Hostess will be doing a series of gift wrapping blog posts with lots of creative ideas on how to wrap your presents!

We will be on the hunt for fabulous gift wrapping paper, accessories and tags. Everything to make your presents look fab and give it a unique spin.

ImageOur first post is a very simple wrapping idea which is perfect if you are pushed for time. Brown paper has been around for a while, but it is something I never tire of year after year. Not only is it an economical choice but it is a perfect backdrop for bows and ribbons and it gives your gift wrapping a united theme.

Here we have wrapped our present in brown paper and garnished it with our glitter tape! We are a big fan of glitter tape for all sorts of craft projects, but add it to your presents and it really just blings everything up! To give it a different edge I have used a whole punch to create a polka dot effect. I have stuck to gold for an elegant spin, but I think a bright colour like red or blue would look totally amazing too!

We would love to hear from you on any gift wrapping ideas! Please leave a comment or message me if you would like to share some gift wrapping tips or photos of your glammed up presents.

Have a wonderful day xx

Blue & White Christmas Dessert Table Inspiration

17 Nov

Last week it was like Christmas at The Sweet Hostess HQs. Long awaited boxes of pretty and delicate paper decorations had arrived safe and sound from the US. Yes, the usual honeycomb balls, tissue pom poms and even a few new items like honeycomb hearts and diamonds had arrived. But my absolute favourite new arrival are the snowflakes, the white ones are so pretty but it is the blue and white frosted versions that have stolen my heart. I really just want to keep them all for myself 🙂


I just knew I had to create a dessert table backdrop with them. Just even adding a few makes a huge impact! I love the traditional white snowflakes, but I absolutely LOVE the blue and white frosted snowflakes. The photos on my website don’t really do them justice, definitely need to learn some new photography skills!


A tower of mini doughnuts is one of the easiest and cheapest ways of adding some impact to your dessert table at home. To tie in with the Christmas theme add a sprinkle of icing sugar. I have blinged them up by adding some embellished cake toppers.



Some silver striped straws are perfect for Christmas and New Year celebrations. As well as gold and silver stripes, chevron and stars we also have the most adorable red snowflake paper straws which are now available from our shop.


All the cake toppers you see are from the Danish brand Miss Etoile which we have been stocking from last month. Their products are simply gorgeous. As well as those we are stocking silver and gold vintage bird cake stands. You can see the silver version above, each has a lovely bird printed on the top of the stand. So much love for this!



We hope you like our dessert table and it gives you some inspiration to create your own. Watch our for our red and gold themed table coming next week. xx