A Vintage Glam Table Setting

28 May

Vintage has been such a popular trend within the Wedding world, but this year a new trend is emerging involving sparkles. So what happens when you combine the two trends – Vintage Glam!


When planning your big day you will either look for inspiration from wedding trends or forge your own style, but you can’t deny that sequin linen is gorgeous, especially if you love a bit of sparkle!


The pink sequin tablecloth is used as the backdrop to this vintage glittering table setting. Lots of brides love the vintage look but we decided it was time to glam things up and add some sequins.


To take the sparkle to the next level you can add paper decorations, tassel garlands and props to compliment your table setting. Use ones that add more sparkle such as glitter or shiny metallics. We have used a tassel garland which includes mylar, which is a shiny paper/film that compliments the table setting perfectly.



Beautiful vases with flowers casually clustered in gold and pink tones give a relaxed feeling to the table to stop things becoming too formal. Scented tuberose and roses added the glamour along with gold foliage.


I am definetely keen to explore this theme more with different colour sequins and decorations, time to get planning! Love to know what you think about this combo?


Photography: Jay Anderson Photography

Sequin Linen & Decorations: The Sweet Hostess

Vintage Crockery and Cakes: Mrs Terrance

Flowers: Tarnia Williams for Fowers

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