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Brushing up on my photography skills…….

1 Jun

Yesterday I had a wonderful opportunity to attend Emily Quinton’s Makelight photography workshop. As I mentioned a while ago I have a deep rooted passion for photography. You have heard the expression ‘All the gear and no idea’? well I have ‘no gear and no idea’! Not entirely true, as I have a Nikon Digital SLR but with no fancy lenses or equipment.


I’ve had an Instagram crush on Emily for quite some time. Her Instagram feed is so inspiring and filled with gorgeous florals, you can’t help feel you are on a mini vacation.


The workshop is pretty much perfect for anyone wanting to improve their photography skills for personal or professional reasons. I’ve learnt some invaluable tools to help me improve my photographs, as well as very useful tips on branding and incorporating those images into social media.

photo(31)Surprisingly the above photos are all taken by moi!

The last bit of advice from Emily was to start taking photos straight away. Don’t wait a week or two…. So off I went today. I took photos of our family meals, the kids, the garden and a few product shots. I had some time to myself where I wondered around the house looking at little nooks in a different light and then tried to take some photos in a new and creative way. I tried to hide from my kids and take photos of them in secret, as opposed to getting the usual ‘CHEEEESE’ smile!

It was fun and I really enjoyed taking the time to do this. So this week I am going to make a conscience effort to improve my photographs. Wish me luck and have a wonderful week xxx


Welcome to {Friday Find}

21 Jun

Welcome to my new series of posts called Friday Find! Every Friday I will be searching and writing about wonderful products and suppliers associated with the party and event industry. I am always on the hunt for inspiring ideas so thought I would share the love.

So my first Friday Find are these gorgeous photo booth props. I am sure you have already seen them doing the rounds on Etsy and Pinterest, but I recently put them into action and can vouch for how much fun they are!


Source: The Manic Moose via Etsy

For my youngest sons first birthday I created a photo booth area where all the guests could strike a pose with a prop while I took a photo! As part of my thank you notes I then included some printed booth photos. I also purchased this gorgeous printable poster via Etsy. As soon as I saw it I had to have!


Source: Little Retreats via Etsy

In the interest of privacy to my guests I will not share any of the posed piccies at my little ones first birthday party, but here is the backdrop and photo prop area….


For more inspiration you can checkout my photo booth pinterest page. Lots of very cool inspiration on props, signs and backdrops.


Mini Photo Shoot

16 Apr

Evening all, hope everyone has had a smashing day and caught a little glimpse of the sunshine! Today I have been busy doing a mini photo shoot of some of our new products. As a small business I can’t always afford a photographer to take glamouros photos of my products (hopefully in the future though…!).

I have picked up some great lighting and editing tips from online tutorials. LOVE an online tutorial! Please don’t take this as some sort of boast about my photos ~ just check out my product images on my site (I have a looooong way to go!!). But I actually really enjoy photography.

This is going to make me sound so old (eek!) but in high school I decided to study graphic design, art history and photography much to my parents dismay. I spent many an hour whittling away the hours in the school dark room. How I loved immersing the paper into the developer and slowly watch my image appear. When I moved to London over 10 years ago my dad lent me his old SLR camera which I swear takes better photographs than any digital I have owned. The photos from a Middle East voyage seemed to glitter and gleam with the amazing sunlight.

Anyway, here is a little snapshot of some of the banner images I created today. Let me know what you think of them!