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#WOW Awards

14 Apr

Am literally still buzzing from our #WOW Twitter award on the 12th March. Most of you are probably wondering what I am talking about……


Jacqueline Gold CEO of Anne Summers and Knickerbox runs a weekly twitter competition every Wednesday (hence the #WOW – Women on Wednesday’s) for female entrenpenurs. You tweet her at a certain time on Wednesday using the #WOW hashtag about your business and she will retweet the top three.


The recognition that my little business is doing good is so amazing and we are feeling truly blessed at the moment. Sorry that this is a ‘blow your own trumpet’ post, just feeling really chuffed 🙂


Easter Cupcake Tutorial

9 Apr

Today I would like to welcome Kimberley from Bliss Bespoke who is the creator and maker of some utterly gorgeous cakes. I had the pleasure of working with Kimberley on several styled shoots and her designs are simply gorgeous. She will be taking you a step by step tutorial on how to ice some Easter cupcakes. Enjoy!

final easter cupcake with border last


Equipment you will need: 

Rolling pin

78mm round cutter

Mini Palette knife

10mm circle cutter

Bunny cutter

Foam balls cut in half

Edible glue or water

Small paint brush

Piece of kitchen towel

Pre-coloured sugar paste

White sugar paste


Step 1: Making your cut outs

Roll out your coloured sugar paste’s to a thickness of approx 2mm. Use your circle and bunny cutters cut out your shapes. Lift them onto the piece of kitchen towel using your mini palette knife. Be careful at this stage as your sugar paste is very soft and you could lose the shape of your cut outs.


Step 3: Arrange your cut outs

Roll out a larger piece of coloured sugar paste to a thickness of approx 4mm.

Carefully lift the cut out shapes off the kitchen towel and arrange them on the large piece of sugar paste. Once you have them arranges in your final design, using your rolling pin gently roll over all the cut outs.  Do not press to hard and only use slight pressure at this stage or your design will distort its shape. The cut outs will blend into the base piece of sugar paste. You do not need to use any edible glue or water at this stage. The sugar paste is tacky enough so they stick.

Step 4: Cutting out your final topper

Use your 78mm cutter to cut out a circle making sure your bunny is in the centre of the circle. Sugar paste is soft so can become miss-shaped easily so take your time at this stage. Remove the outer excess sugar paste leaving your perfect circle.


Step 5: Forming the dome

Place your final cut out circle on to half a foam ball. You will need to smooth the sugar paste on to the foam ball. You do this by placing the half foam ball on your work top and with the palms and outer sides of your hands gently smooth and ease the sugar paste to the foam ball. Try to only use the fleshy broad parts of your hands as using your fingers will leave marks on the sugar paste. Gently is the key at this stage so you do not spoil your design.

Roll a small piece of white sugar paste in your hands for your Bunnies tail and stick in place using edible glue or water.  Leave to dry at room temperature for at least 3 hours.

It’s better to make these the day before and leave then out at room temperature to dry properly.

Easter Cupcake Tutorial


Step 6: Constructing your cupcakes

Now your domes Bunny toppers are all made and had a day to dry you’re ready to construct the cupcakes.

Fill a piping bag with your regular butter cream mix and cut a hole in the end approx 2cm. Then pipe a swirl of butter cream from the centre of your cupcake to no closer than 1cm from the edge of the cupcake. Place your bunny dome on top of the butter cream. You can use a piping nozzle in the piping bag but I don’t when making domes cupcakes as you cannot see the butter cream so no need for a fancy design.

For extra decoration add a ribbon to your cupcakes but remember to remove them before letting children eat the cupcakes.

Hints and Tips:

Another name for sugar paste is ready to roll icing, fondant and Regal ice. They are all the same type of icing. It depends which country you come from what you call it. It set firm but not hard and is easy to eat and traditionally what celebration cakes are covered with in the UK.

I make my dome toppers a week ahead of time and once they have been sat on the foam balls for 3 hours they can be removed and places on a flat foam pad. This enables me to re-use the half foam balls for other toppers.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and if you would like to see more of my cakes then take a look at my website

Supplier List

Rabbit cutter

Circle cutter

78mm cutter

Edible glue

Mini Palette knife

Dome Ball

Sugar paste: white and pre-coloured sugar paste is available in most supermarkets. Or you can buy from here

We hope you enjoyed this cupcake tutorial! If you fancy giving it a go yourself, please let us know. Would love to see your creations.