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New Mini Series – Christmas Gift Wrapping

21 Nov

The countdown to Christmas has begun and The Sweet Hostess will be doing a series of gift wrapping blog posts with lots of creative ideas on how to wrap your presents!

We will be on the hunt for fabulous gift wrapping paper, accessories and tags. Everything to make your presents look fab and give it a unique spin.

ImageOur first post is a very simple wrapping idea which is perfect if you are pushed for time. Brown paper has been around for a while, but it is something I never tire of year after year. Not only is it an economical choice but it is a perfect backdrop for bows and ribbons and it gives your gift wrapping a united theme.

Here we have wrapped our present in brown paper and garnished it with our glitter tape! We are a big fan of glitter tape for all sorts of craft projects, but add it to your presents and it really just blings everything up! To give it a different edge I have used a whole punch to create a polka dot effect. I have stuck to gold for an elegant spin, but I think a bright colour like red or blue would look totally amazing too!

We would love to hear from you on any gift wrapping ideas! Please leave a comment or message me if you would like to share some gift wrapping tips or photos of your glammed up presents.

Have a wonderful day xx