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Valentines Day Cupcake Tutorial

6 Feb

We are so very pleased to have the very talented Vicky Turner from The Yellow Bee Cake Company here do a guest post on how to make some very cute and simple Valentines Day cupcakes. Not only does Vicky make gorgeous cupcakes and cakes she has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to tricks and tips on creating your very own cupcakes at home. How gorgeous are these little cakes? Please let us know if you decide to make any – we would love to see your photos. Handing you over to Vicky now to give you step by step instructions on how you can create your very own Valentines Day Cupcakes. Enjoy!



A Rolling Pin.

Edible Ink Pen in Red, or whatever colour takes your fancy.

A Sharp Knife or Scalpel.

A Paintbrush.

Edible Glue or Water.

A Silicone Heart Mould.

Pre-coloured Red Icing. You can buy this in most supermarkets.

White Icing.


Before we start:

To create intricate details and models on cakes, you will need to turn your icing from a standard cake covering paste into modelling paste. You can complete this tutorial without this step, however it will make it a lot easier to work with. Here’s the recipe should you wish to use it. (NB You can purchase pre mixed modelling paste from Sainsburys)

Modelling Paste

Knead ½ tsp of Tylo Powder into 250g of sugarpaste. It can be used straight away, but is best left wrapped for a few hours.


Step One: Making Hearts.

Roll your Red icing into smooth balls and roughly give them the shape of a heart, so that they fit into the mould. Use your thumb and fingers to push the paste into the mould. Leave the hearts in the mould for a few hours to let them dry to shape. Gently rock and bend the mould until the icing starts to come loose. If your icing is sticking you can try adding a small amount of icing sugar or trex to the mould before you put the icing in.


Step Two: Making your banner.

Roll out your White icing until it’s about 1mm thick. Cut out a long thin strip of paste. Use your knife to cut a “V” shape into each end (see above). Use your fingers to bend the paste, so that it wraps around the heart. Once you’re happy use a small amount of glue or water to attach the banner to the heart.

Next up is the writing! Who do you want to dedicate this cupcake too? I chose to simply write “Love” on mine, but you could write anything that takes your fancy, as long as it fits!

Step Three: Piping and decorating.

To pipe this cupcake, I filled a disposable piping bag with buttercream, snipped off the end to create a hole about 2cm in diameter and piped a swirl starting from the outside and working in. Feel free to use a nozzle if you wish 🙂 Place the Heart in the centre and then use any spare hearts you’ve made to decorate the cupcake.

Hints and Tips:

I often get asked the differences between all the various icing names. Here is a simple guide.

Sugarpaste/Fondant/Ready To Roll/Ready Ice – These are all the same icing, just with different names. Just to confuse you! This icing is used to cover cakes.

Modelling Paste/Gum Paste – This icing is used to create models and detailing on cakes and cupcakes. The recipe is at the start of this guide if you wish to make your own.

Flower Paste – This has a nice simple name, it’s used for making flowers! Those beautiful delicate flowers you see made from sugar are made from this paste. You can also model with it.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial if you’d like to see more of my work pop over to my facebook page where you can find details of my latest classes.

Red & Gold Sugared Almond Sweet Table

2 Feb

Last year I worked with an amazing couple Bee and Lorenzo to create a sugared almond sweet table. As Lorenzo was Italian and there would be a large number of their guests flying over from Italy they were keen to incorporate some traditions that would make them feel included.


I must admit I hadn’t worked with sugared almonds much last year, 2013 was a year where wedding favours had become more creative and unique. DIY favours had become popular which was great as it really did add the personal touch to weddings. So sugared almonds may seem old fashioned to some, but really when you bring it back to basics it is a lovely tradition and they actually taste really nice!

So what is the tradition all about? Five sugared almonds would be given to guests in either a small box or fabric pouch, the almonds each represented fertility, longevity, wealth, health and happiness. A kind of nice tradition don’t you think? Even though they have primarily been popular in Europe, Italy seem to be classed as the home of ‘Bomboniere’.


Getting back to Bee and Lorenzo, they had decided to create a sweet table full of sugared almonds. This would also double up as wedding favours to their guests. Such a great idea as it wasn’t just a little nicely placed wedding favour at the guests tables. The sweet table had become a talking point. Guests had mingled around the table, talked about the tradition, the Italian guests felt appreciated. It was a win win really.

The colour theme was red and gold. You can get some fabulous red and gold almonds, but on this occasion the white adds a nice contrast to the gold and red ribbons and candy labels. I use the BEST wholesaler for sugared almonds, they are all imported from Italy and they are TOP quality. The best thing is that they also stock chocolate dragees and flavoured sugared almonds which are honestly so tasty I can’t even tell you! She had flavours such as black cherry, cappuccino and strawberry.


So what do you think of this tradition and the spin Bee and Lorenzo put on it? I was lucky enough to see Bee, Lorenzo and some of the guests still on the dance floor at the end of the night. People were still hovered around the table and I always breathe a sigh of relief when the table is pretty much empty, but their are still a few sweets lurking in the jars. Guests were back and forth from the dance floor to the sugared almond sweet table. At that time of the evening people had given up and putting their almonds in the pouch and hands were scooping up the almonds with pleasure.