Got a little bit more organised this week.

3 Mar

At the moment I am at a cross roads in my life. I am slowly finishing my maternity leave and slowly getting back into work. I love working and I love being at home with my boys, so I am trying to join the big group of mums trying to find that balance. Let’s see if it is possible!

Like most working mums my head feels like it is going to explode most days and if I was to do a ‘to do’ list I am sure it would reach the hundreds! So last Sunday I thought I would set myself a work goal everyday – and I surprised myself by achieving all of them!

So here are some of my daily goals:

Monday – Blog on iced biscuits. Kept it nice and easy as it was my boys birthday!

Tuesday – Take photos of all my new straws and glassware. Achieved this goal, plus managed to edit straw photos and upload to my online shop. Plus went to the pub with hubby. This was a very good day.

Wednesday – Meeting with bank. We got a bank account! Send my designer image and text for new promotional cards and business cards. Done!

Thursday – Update my website gallery. Finally updated my photo gallery and it was great to have a reminder of all the work I have done recently.

Friday  – Blog about my big babies birthday cake.

This was in between looking after my babies all week, other social activities and house stuff so I was pretty chuffed with myself. So now my Sunday night ritual will be goal setting for the week and writing lists (with a cuppa and biscuit).

Hope you all had a lovely weekend! xx

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