Sucre Shop Utensils

9 Dec

Well if you haven’t heard the news yet The Sweet Hostess will become an official stockist of Sucre Shop utensils. These little beauty’s are currently stocked in the US so it’s fab that I have finally got my hands on this fab party accessory!

On our website you will currently find the initial range we will be stocking, but we have plans to extend this in 2013 as we assess what is popular here in the UK. To check out the range that will be available soon you can visit our shop here.

There are so many great ways you can use these spoons for your event giving your party instant pizazz! We love this ‘Go fly a kite’ party theme which features chevron and rustic vibes via Party Wagon. Love the way that they created the little ‘cloud on a spoon’ to compliment the theme perfectly. Genius!


Rainbow parties are fast becoming popular in the UK with so much decoration potential with all those amazing colours. Check out this wonderful rainbow jelly idea via Kara’s Party Ideas. Little wooden spoons are placed within the jelly creating a ready to eat party snack. Winning. This is something I often do myself at parties, as it is quick and effective snack to the sweet table and the kiddies love Jelly, you just can’t go wrong.


trail mix1I found this party idea via Catch My Party. The little sweet jars are such a great party favour or snack. Obviously you could change the label or sweets to match your theme. In this case the spoons are attached to the outside of the jar.




Berry spoonsAs this chic baby shower demonstrates party spoons are not only for the little ones. I love how elegant the berries and cream look in this clear pot.


Ice Cream Spoons



As I write this post I am snuggled up on the sofa drinking tea, glad I am inside out of this cold cold weather. I am still tempted to add this image of ice cream. It looks really delicious! The party comes via HWTM check out this blog post for some great carnival party inspiration ideas.

We would love if you could leave a comment or provide your own party ideas using these cute wooden spoons.

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